issue 6, july 2016

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is it the dead of summer? it doesn't feel like it.

The valley is abuzz with activity. Vintners are ramping up for their harvest season. On its heels come the release of new wines and the mystery of the freshly bottled. Most of which need to sit - waiting patiently for the right time. Isn't that sooo hard? THIS LITTLE GUY KNOWS WHAT'S WHAT

While you are waiting for that wine to be ready, let's take a moment to discuss operations. Oh, is that an ugly word for you? I LOVE OPERATIONS

This is the meat of your business. It drives your day-to-day. When running smoothly, you are happy, relaxed... and free to enjoy the dog days of summer.

So many of us are operating small businesses or are one-woman-shows *cough*, so... what is running smoothly and how do I get there?

HAVE A CLEAR PROCESS: Know your goals and your team's goals. Make checklists and follow them. Create procedures and follow through.

BUILD FOR THE FUTURE: I know you have fires today, but how you put them out effects tomorrow, next month, next year. Remember: when making decisions, take into account how those decisions trickle out into your business and the world at large.

METRICS ARE YOUR FRIEND: Oh, data, how I love thee. Who bought what when, what was the messaging, did they buy again, have they contacted you or are they silent buyers?

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE 3 P'S: Process, People, and Product: Use them. 'nuff said.

... AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: I can NOT stress this subject enough. Organize your message and make sure everyone is following through. I don't care if it is the tech guy or the fabulous sales guy, you should ALL be following the mission of the brand. One *ick* response can reverberate across the universe.

I have been hard at work helping brands navigate their releases. Check out some of the stellar wineries I work with:
Cornell Vineyards - debut release in September!
KATA wine
Luscher-Ballard Wine
Phifer Pavitt Wine
Tournesol Wine

Happiness to all!
    ~ v

victoria ls bilodeau
jill of all trades

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