issue 2, november 2014

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Whew, another harvest under our belts. And now we are rushing toward the Holiday season and the New Year! It's time to start thinking about the future - What changes are coming your way and of course the dreaded New Year's RESOLUTION.

Here's a great article on why to strengthen your relationship marketing

And let's have an infograph of social media statistics

How do you feel about the 2014 vintage? Here's an interesting look at vintage charts and the changing perception of what a vintage represents.

The future of life on-line and why mobile friendly is inevitable!
I can help you with that *wink *wink.

... and yes, where is the bit of FUN?

Since Thanksgiving is JUST around the corner, here is a recipe for a staple at my table:
Wasabi Cranberry Sauce

Gobble, Gobble, everyone!
    ~ v

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